About this project

Creation breeds creativity
I have to confess that I am a bit of a podcast geek but in my defence I never ceased to be amazed by the professionalism, quality and effort (all largely unpaid) by the photographic podcast community.  One of the podcasts I listen to is Martin Bailey Photography and it was recently on Podcast 244: Creation Breeds Creativity that I heard something that really made me think about doing a photo project during 2011:

"...My proposition to you is that if you are feeling stuck and uncreative, and feel as though your photography isn’t progressing, don’t just mope around wondering when your creative muse is going to come and grab you by the hand and guide you back into the field or studio. Rather you should pick up the camera and start making pictures regularly, even if you can’t think of anything to shoot at first. It took me years of shooting stuff I was only half interested in before I started to really find what I wanted to shoot and develop a style...."

When I heard this I knew I wanted to try and be more creative with my photography and set myself some kind of goal for 2011.

(Still A) Weirdo
As some of the people that know me are aware I am big fan of a Scottish singer called KT Tunstall.  She recently released the first single called "(Still A) Weirdo" from her latest album called Tiger Suit.  It was listening to this single whist driving into work one day that I heard the following line:

"...I don’t always get it right But a thousand different ways and I just might."

I guess what KT was trying to say with this is that if your trying to do something right, if you do it enough times then you'll stand more of a chance of getting it right than not doing it at all.  I liked the idea of this and also wanted to use the number 1000 in my project.

My 2011 photo project
As a member of FlickR I have seen a number of people doing year long photo projects.  These include a number of different 365 day projects like the ones on the FlickR groups Project Photo 365, 365 Days Project and the popular Project 365 in which you are invited to take one picture a day and upload it to FlickR.  I personally didn't like the idea of doing a 365 project as I don't think they would suit me due to work and family commitments, so I was after something similar but a bit more flexible.

So with all of the above in mind for 2011 I have decided to set myself a photo challenge which is simply to take and upload 1000 decent photos to FlickR during the year of 2011.  I like the idea of this as it means that:

1) There’s no pressure to have an image taken and uploaded by a certain time.
2) If I get behind during the year I can catch up.
3) It only works out to be approx 19 photographs a week.

4) It forces me to be more creative.
5) It has a clear start and end date.

As a way of documenting my 2011 photo project I have setup this blog and all images taken during this project will be uploaded to this blog (thankfully this is now very easy due to the integration between FlickR and Blogger).

A new FlickR group!
For anyone else considering a similar project I have created a public group on FlickR called "1000 Photos in a Year Project" which anyone is welcome to join.