Wednesday, 13 April 2011

237/1000 - Inside The Church of St. John the Baptist (13x exposure HDR)

With the majority of HDR images I have shot so far I tend to use the AEB feature of my Canon 5d Mark II which allows me to shoot three exposures, one at -2ev, one at 0ev and one at +2ev. In the past week i've just updated the firmware on the 5d mkII to the Canon version 2.0.8 and then copied the hacked firmware called "Magic Lantern" to the Compact Flash card:

This hacked firmware allows to complete control over the bracketing feature and as a test the above HDR image was taken as a 13 exposure x 1 stop bracketed image. This works out to be -6ev,5ev,-4ev,-3ev,-2ev,-1ev,0ev,+1ev,+2ev,+3ev,+4ev,+5ev,+6ev

The actual version I used for this test was v0.1.9 that the genius Trammell Hudson uploaded to this thread:

I did reprocess this image in photomatix by just choosing the -2ev,0ev and +2ev images and there was definatly alot more noise (around the brickwork at the back) and less dynamic range (esp in the windows) in the 3 exposure shot.

I'm not sure about using this method in future as it means taking (and archiving) 330Mb of raw CR2 files for each image taken!

Taken as part of my 2011 photo project "a thousand different ways" - more information here:

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